Thursday, 5 January 2012

1907 ECAHA Point Allocation

Yesterday I posted the Point Allocation results for the 1906/07 Montreal Wanderers of the ECAHA, which looked remarkably like this:

Russell, Ernie572144010.0-0.3-
Stuart, Hod26416000.79.0-
Kennedy, Rod124600-0.13.0-
Marshall, Jack7244801.
Hern, RileyG8048000.
Patrick, Lester147217202.76.2-
Johnson, Moose68016004.03.2-
Blachford, Cecil75611203.31.0-
Glass, Pud48016001.73.9-

So it's only appropriate that I post the rest of the league as well. So here we go. Enjoy.

Montreal Shamrocks
Kavanagh, Frank4163201.1-0.1-
Murphy, Joe76412801.8-
Baxter, Quigg54010001.20.1-
Mulcair, Jack65611201.4-
Grannery, Fred2401000-0.10.6-
Brennan, Johnny478018000.31.0-
Currie, NeilG8048000.0-0.10.0-0.1-0.02
Armstrong, Walter58200-0.10.1-0.1-0.1-0.50
DeGray, Lawrence624480-0.30.0-0.1-0.4-0.83
McCourt, Bud516320-0.30.0-0.1-0.4-1.25
McCarthy, Frank540800-0.8-0.1-0.4-1.3-1.63
Tigh, Oliver532640-1.0-0.90.0-1.9-2.97
McMillan, Reddy78160-0.40.0-0.1-0.5-3.13
O'Leary, Bob48160-

Montreal Victorias
Bowie, Russell48016009.6-0.3-
Hale, Chandler55611204.30.5-
Russel, Blair68016005.30.3-
Eveleigh, Joe5408002.20.6-
Davidson, Gordon14010000.43.2-
Major, Billy1561400-0.25.2-
Frye, NathanG8048000.
Gilbert, Raleigh77214401.91.8-
Howard, Cavie2641600-0.74.8-
Campbell, Duncan216400-

Montreal Winged Wheelers
Sargent, Grover57214403.
Smaill, Walter48016002.
Cameron, Doc26416000.62.2-
White, GeorgeG8048000.
Horsfall, Bert18200-
Masson, Charles68016001.30.7-
Brownrigg, William1721800-
Chipchase, Bill7801600-
Kerwin, George424480-

Ottawa Senators
Pulford, Harvey2802000-0.99.6-
Snelling, Charles581600.60.1-
LeSueur, PercyG8048000.
Westwick, Rat47214402.42.7-
Baird, Billy1481200-0.14.5-
Spittal, Baldy116400-0.21.8-
Smith, Alf77214404.10.9-
Moore, Art28200-
Ryan, Jack28200-
Smith, Harry57214404.90.4-
Shore, Hamby68016003.41.7-
Williams, Jack48160-
Westwick, Tom58160-

Quebec Bulldogs

Doddridge, HarryG3219140.
Jordan, Herb5408002.
Constantin, Charles45611202.70.1-
Gale, Alfred781600.40.0-
Power, Joe246414801.41.0-
McDonald, Jack67214401.50.6-
Blair, Harold1G8020240.02.4-
Baxter, Bert2328000.40.6-
McDermott, Ed18200-
Leonard, George76412800.30.5-
Moran, PaddyG4828620.0-0.80.0-0.8-0.28
Power, Chubby48160-
Gillespie, Jim68160-0.2-0.10.0-0.3-1.88
Baptiste, Gladstone516320-0.6-0.40.0-1.0-3.13
Morency, Len524480-0.9-0.60.0-1.5-3.13

Oh, and as a bonus:


  1. Please can somebody give me info on the player:

    Grover (stuart) Sargent because i have an original 1905 photo of him and i would like to know more about this player, thank you very much and have a nice day

  2. Hi i have a Grover Sargent original 1905 old picture and a friendly person on this site gave me some info on him but those somebody have statistics on him ?
    Thank's in advance


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