Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Vezina v. Benedict

Quick one today. Who was better: Georges Vezina or Client Benedict?

Two very much contemporary goaltenders, both Hall-of-Famers, both rightly considered among the best of their time, or indeed any time. So who was better?

Well, we can have a look at what the Point Allocation system suggests, which certainly isn't the answer, but is an answer. And a good one at that.

Georges Vezina
1911Montreal CanadiensNHAG8047850.019.1-
1912Montreal CanadiensNHAG8048000.020.3-
1913Montreal CanadiensNHAG8048000.019.5-
1914Montreal CanadiensNHAG8047880.020.1-
1915Montreal CanadiensNHAG8047890.016.1-
1916Montreal CanadiensNHAG8048000.
1917Montreal CanadiensNHAG8048000.
1918Montreal CanadiensNHLG8048000.
1919Montreal CanadiensNHLG8048000.
1920Montreal CanadiensNHLG8048000.
1921Montreal CanadiensNHLG8048000.
1922Montreal CanadiensNHLG8048000.
1923Montreal CanadiensNHLG8048000.
1924Montreal CanadiensNHLG8048000.
1925Montreal CanadiensNHLG8048000.
1926Montreal CanadiensNHLG1440.


Clint Benedict
1912Ottawa New EdinburghsIPAHUG8047780.016.2-
1913Ottawa SenatorsNHAG158540.
1914Ottawa SenatorsNHAG3118250.
1915Ottawa SenatorsNHAG7947130.
1916Ottawa SenatorsNHAG7947350.
1917Ottawa SenatorsNHAG7343290.
1918Ottawa SenatorsNHLG8048000.
1919Ottawa SenatorsNHLG8048000.
1920Ottawa SenatorsNHLG8047930.023.5-
1921Ottawa SenatorsNHLG8048000.
1922Ottawa SenatorsNHLG8048000.
1923Ottawa SenatorsNHLG8048000.
1924Ottawa SenatorsNHLG7444100.
1925Montreal MaroonsNHLG8047950.
1926Montreal MaroonsNHLG8048000.
1927Montreal MaroonsNHLG7946970.
1928Montreal MaroonsNHLG7947300.
1929Montreal MaroonsNHLG6740150.
1930Montreal MaroonsNHLG23133201.301.30.98


Oh dear, that didn't help much did it? Vezina has a better career average (though that might be due to missing stats for his pre-Montreal days), but Benedict had better best seasons. Vezina was strikingly consistent, which is quite a tribute given the shoddy defences he often played behind in his early years. Benedict generally benefited from better teams in front of him, but was still remarkable in his own right.

If I had to choose, I'd probably go with Vezina, since you would know exactly what you were going to get. Benedict could often be better, but sometime noticeably worse as well. Hard to complain about either of them.

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