Sunday 6 January 2013

Billy Barlow

William McKenzie "Billy" Barlow was an important part of the mighty Montreal AAA teams of the early 1890s. Born in 1871 in Montreal, Barlow began his senior career playing point with the Montreal Victorias, but soon joined the Winged Wheelers, switching to centre where he made his impact on the game.

Barlow was never the best player in the game, but he was really very good, and a conscientious all-rounder at that. He was known for his quick, dodging runs, and excellent combination play with rovers Clare McKerrow and Havilland Routh - an excellent player who will be profiled here in time. Above all, Barlow was noted for his blazing speed.
Barlow was the bright particular star all through. He skated faster and played better than any other man on the ice... (Montreal Gazette, 18 Jan 1897)
Barlow came around the flags with the velocity of a rocket and was soon half-way down the ice, with no one to intercept him. (Montreal Gazette, 22 Feb 1897)
But Barlow did not simply use his skating to start rushes, he was also diligent in his forechecking. For example:
From the face the rubber went to the Ottawa end; Barlow followed it closely, [Baldy] Spittal fumbled, Barlow went behind the flags and pushed the puck forward to [Norman] Dawes, who touched sufficiently hard to score. (Montreal Gazette, 27 Feb 1897)
Great speed, good goal-scoring ability, excellent playmaking, and aggressive forechecking. What more could you want in a forward?
Barlow...was the star. He played his usually brilliant game, taking advantage of everything. (Montreal Gazette, 1 Mar 1897)

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1892Montreal Winged WheelersAHAC152032720-0.9-0.40.0-1.3-1.81
1893Montreal Winged WheelersAHAC5217014004.
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1895Montreal Winged WheelersAHAC5238016001.
1896Montreal Winged WheelersAHAC5248016003.
1897Montreal Winged WheelersAHAC5258016005.

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